Friday, June 5, 2009

Santorini Greece June 3 - June 7

Staying 4 days in Santorini, weather is beautiful (high 80s) and we have a very nice place. Island is beautiful but more Jewellery shops than in all of the USA. So once you see the town Fira and Oia it's nothing but shops and restaurants. Toke a boat ride to the Volcano and a bus trip to Oia, a town at the end of the island, very beautiful. Tomorrow, Saturday, a beach day on one of the Black Sand beaches in Kamiri.
Counting 3 cruise ships every day that are visiting.
Seija complaining about the stairs and hills, many scooters and 4 wheel buggies rented by visitors that don't know how to drive them.
I will wait until
Naxos to rent one.
Santorini is actually less expensive than the Old Town of Rhodes.
Having reservation for ferry to
Naxos on Sunday afternoon.
Our Hotel in
Santorini Galatia Villas

Return to Santorini by Boat.


Boat ride to Volcano.

uo to Volcano

Boat ride.




Santorini Shops.
Dogs of Santorini

Seija view of Santorini

- Our Hotel
Our Hotel, view from room.
Pictures from Santarini.

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