Sunday, June 7, 2009

Naxos Greece

Town at night.

Drive around the island.
Our SMART car for a day.

Around town.

Around town.

In town.

Town - the harbor.


Town from Hotel
Our Hotel.

Link to a Naxos WEB Page Naxos.
Our Hotel
Grotta Naxos.
Went to town on first evening - this may be the perfect island for us.
A beautiful waterfront with restaurants and only a few shops and you look at the sail boats docket in the harbor and the mountains in the distance. A place we could spent a few weeks!
No cruise ships with a few thousand
visitors storming the island.
Many locals walking around and the tourists look like the ones that like places a bit out of the way, most French and German. Hotel is very nice, with small pool and
jacusee, next to the ocean but there is a cliff so no swimming, have to walk 10 minutes for that.
Today, Monday, holiday here. Will explore city and then rent scooter , even
Seija is ready to get on it.
Large island, about 250 miles around, and only 20,000 people, so no traffic.

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