Sunday, June 14, 2009

General Notes Greece

General Notes / Comments
Other tourist - What's the problem with the Japanese - look like bee keepers in the rain. Always covering head and using umbrella, they should go to Helsinki in the winter - No Sun there.
  • Friendly cab drivers (and some are honest), expensive cab rides.
  • People will ask "where are you from?", tell them Chicago and they smile and say "BULLS" or "CAPONE"
  • People - you can not always tell a Greek. In Turkey you could tell most the time.
  • Turkish women (Young) are more beautiful than Greek women
  • Land - dry and brown, so far what we have seen on the Islands and around Athens.
  • Cost - Euro country of course it is more expensive (double from Turkey) but not as bad as Paris or Helsinki.
  • Weather - dry and hot (for early June)
  • Food - better than Turkey (for us at least)
  • Streets are clean but were even cleaner in Turkey
  • Cars - small cars Hyunday has the market at seems
  • Scooters - Vespa and similar all over and everyone has one
  • Gas - Euro 1.05 Liter
  • Nescafe all over (instant) - what is the problem?
  • Bread not so good.
  • Smoking - will buy stock in Marlboro.
  • Greek language or signs more difficult to understand than Turkish.


  • Acropolis - a must to visit
  • A busy city of about 3 million
  • Not very clean and a lot of graffiti and many bad looking houses in the city
  • Dirty looking harbor Piraeus
  • Many tourist from all over Germans most then Italians and French, even Americans, many young kids
  • Fenced in ruins all over town, too many to look at.
  • Lots of street cafes with outside seating
  • Greek are loud people even louder than Seija (always outside voice)
  • It is dusty here, people don't wash cars they dust them (no water?)
  • Good Subway system and Trams
  • We have a good hotel in a great location, good breakfast, rooftop place to sit and great view.
  • A nice place to stay, a down to earth place.
  • A few tourist but not a problem, even Greek come to vacation here, also many Germans and French.
  • Some great sandy beaches.
  • No cruise ships.
  • Nice harbor town, good places to eat and drink and walk around.
  • Explore island by car (5-6 hours) very hilly and scenic.
  • Very brown and dry looking except for some valleys inland.


  • Rhodes - half the visitors Finns the other half Germans
  • Restaurant Yiannis in Rhodes Old Town - best food at a fair price. Right next to our Hotel, Domos.
  • Rhodes Old Town - beautiful place, must see and walk around the old walls and buildings in the Old Town.
  • Many tourist stay in the new town hotels, good beaches but stones no sand!
  • Too many tourist in Rhodes (old town) and then still the cruise ships, 3 a day sometimes.
  • Food and Hotel prices in Rhodes are OK but in the Old Town (around plazas) everything is almost double from the side streets or the new town.
  • Explore the island by car, around 250 km around the island, very hilly.
  • Orange trees, Olive trees and tomato's growing. Did not see much livestock.
  • Island looks brown and dry.
  • Very nice town, Lindos, with harbor two hours from Rhodes. No cars in town.
  • Heavy traffic near and around the Old Town.


  • FIra, main city, very touristy and very hilly but also very pretty. Expensive.
  • Car, 4 wheel and scooter rental everywhere and everyone is renting them.
  • Oia, nice cliff town 1 hour away, must visit.
  • Volcano island a good trip by boat, also hot springs on same island.
  • Kamari nice town with very nice beach and board walks.

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