Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday - Sunday May 30 - 31

On Sundays ride, City build 300 BC.

Finnish restaurant.
Finnish Store.

Had dinner at a restaurant in the new town owned and operated by Finns everyone in there
was Finnish, were told 1 - 3 planes a day come in from Finland and they all stay in the Hotels near the city center.

Town of Lindos.

Rented a car for Sunday to drive around and explore the Island, which toke us about 7 hours. It was a very hot day don in Lindos at least 90 degrees, but a beautiful harbor town.
Stopped by some historic sites but after Turkey the items in Rhodes are very lame.
Lunch break on Sunday on the ride around the island.

Meeting and seeing more Finns and Germans, some on their own hopping the islands others on cruise ships. It is very warm here (80s) and sunny, no clouds. Went on bus trip (30 minutes) to an old town 10 km away from Rhodes, not much to see but a change.

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